Download the iOS SDK
Current Version 1.6 – 2016-05-10 [Changelog]
This SDK includes support for the following ad networks and SDK versions:
AD Network Version
Chartboost 5.4
Applovin 2.5.3
Heyzap 8.4.1
Playhaven 2.0.0
Mopub 3.8.0
Adcolony 2.5.1
Vungle 3.0.13
Admob 6.12.2
UnityAds 8.3
AppNext 6.1.0
Facebook Audience 8.3

Simple 5 Minute Setup

  1. Drag AppchairAdMediator into your project. Check "Copy items if needed".

  2. Go to your project target, click on the "Build Settings" tab, and enter in -ObjC under "Other Linker Flags".

  3. Go to your project target. Select the 'Build Phases' tab. Click on +. Add the following frameworks.
    Security.framework (required)
    CoreLocation.framework (required)
    UIKit.framework (required)
    Foundation.framework (required)
    CFNetwork.framework (required)
    SystemConfiguration.framework (required)
    QuartzCore.framework (required)
    MessageUI.framework (required)
    MediaPlayer.framework (required)
    CoreTelephony.framework (required)
    CoreMedia.framework (required)
    CoreGraphics.framework (required)
    AudioToolbox.framework (required)
    libsqlite3.dylib (required)
    libz.1.2.5.dylib (required)
    CoreFoundation.framework (required)
    AVFoundation.framework (required)
    EventKit.framework (required)
    EventKitUI.framework (required)
    WebKit.framework (optional)
    Social.framework (optional)
    AdSupport.framework (optional)
    StoreKit.framework (optional)

  4. To your application delegate. In didFinishLaunchingWithOptions, initialize the sdks with:

    [ACAdMediator initAdNetworksWithKey:<appchair_user_id>]; //Register or login to get your appchair_user_id

    Then in any view, where you would like to show an ad, use the following on ViewWillAppear:

    [ACAdMediator showAds]; //This will show an interstitial (or video ad) depending on your configuration on appchair in that location. Banner ads are not currently supported.

    You can also use:

    [ACAdMediator showInterstitial];
    [ACAdMediator showVideo];

Appchair Network Configuration Instructions

  1. Go to: If you do not see your app, click on "Quick Add an App" to add the app to your appchair console.
  2. Click on "Configure" next to your app. Click on configure next to each of the ad networks and enter in your details for each app.
  3. Change the priority of the apps as you desire.
  4. Click on Save.

Your app should be ready to go! Make sure to set each network as priority 1 for a bit and click around, to make sure that it is configured correctly.